Hendrickson Method®

Hendrickson Method® (HM) is an advanced system of massage and manual therapy that is profoundly relaxing to receive, effortless to perform, and an efficient and effective treatment for acute and chronic pain.

Hendrickson Method uses a unique combination of three techniques to bring about optimum results in treating orthopedic conditions: Wave Mobilization®, Joint Mobilization, and Muscle Energy Technique (MET).

Dr. Hendrickson has devoted his career to creating and refining a new method for treating orthopedic conditions that offers superb clinical results combined with deep relaxation.

At the heart of his unique system of treatment is a new technique for mobilizing soft tissue modeled on ocean waves and grounded in essential Tai Chi principles of energy healing.

Dr. Hendrickson calls it Wave Mobilization. Wave Mobilization therapy features strokes that are rounded, scooping movements performed perpendicular to soft tissue in repeated rhythmic cycles. 

They are applied at a frequency of approximately 60 cycles per minute, which matches the ideal resting heart rate. Wave Mobilization therapy is extremely relaxing and profoundly healing.



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